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WellsBuilt with pride and commitment

Always learning and constantly developing along with the rapidly changing demands of both clients and the regulatory authorities, our aim is to develop skill sets that allow us to offer a truly outstanding service.

New Builds

Bespoke Building

Our high standard of service and build-quality is endorsed by our customers. Being in direct contact with our customers allows us to take key decisions about design, materials and specification and tailor our work to their specific demands.
Much has been written in the press over the past couple of years regarding new build problems. We strongly recommend that you investigate your builders qualifications, reputation and past work to ensure your new build property is completed to a high specification.


Improving and Extending

Many home owners extend their properties in order to gain extra space and create their dream home. These projects are about maximising the value of the day to day experience of living in a home but there are very many considerations that need to made before committing to a plan. We have experience and in depth knowledge in all aspects of extension work and can help to ensure that the dream becomes a reality that will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Project Management

A Complete Service

Unlike many builders we are also experienced Project Managers and know exactly what's need to deliver a project on budget and on schedule.
Our management skills include:

  • Organising a smooth flow of labour onto the site including payment.
  • Ordering materials and ensuring they are on site as required.
  • Organising warranty and Building Regulations inspections.
  • Running the site itself (e.g. health and safety, site facilities etc).
  • Working from the approved design plans.


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